Button holes in bands

While working on the button hole side of a vest, I’m stumped when it comes to the making of a hole. I understand that in first row I bind a couple of stitches. No prob. But, then the next row I have to cast on a couple stitches. I’m not familiar with casting on the middle of a row. As I have been using the long tail cast on method.
Yes, I’m a newbie so I know there must be another way. Help!

You should use a cable or knit cast on. Check the video page here, I’m sure there’s a video for each.

I can understand those cast on methods, but those seem to go back on to the left needle. And it seems that I want the new stitches on the right. And another thing I don’t understand is … won’t I end up with more stitches than the previous row? Even if I pick up the 2 required for a button hole, knit to the next hole, I’d have 2 extra …?

Move the right needle to your left hand, cast on, then switch it back to the right hand. You need to cast on where your working yarn is.

Why would you have more stitches? You bind off 2 on the previous row, then cast on 2 for this row, right?

OK This makes more sense. Never thought about switches the needles around. Will give it a try. Guess it’s pretty simple when I think about it.Thanks!!

I suggest you look at the video on this site for doing buttonholes on one row. It’s very clear and easy to follow. Jot down the instructions and you’re set. I just did some buttonholes and they turned out just fine – but the band didn’t.

Buttonholes in bands suggestion: View the video on this site. It’s very clear. Just did several myself.