Button Hole on Felted Purse

We are knitting a felted purse. The pattern has a button hole for a 40 mm button. I want to use a 33 mm button. In the pattern you do 6 stitches for the 40 mm button hole — will that make the button hole too big for my 33 mm button. It says you can do it with 4 stitches if the button is smaller but doesn’t say what size?? Thanks.

You’re going to have a bit of wiggle room with this so I don’t think you need to hit precisely the right number of sts. My tendancy would be to go down to 5sts. It that’s still too large after felting, you can always tighten it up with a sewn stitch or two. If it’s too small for the button, you can probably stretch the bottonhole a bit.