Button clutch from fall 2005 Knit It

Uhmm… what the heck does this mean?

CO 42 sts. (i got that part)

Row 1: KF&B into every st–84 sts (i got that part too)

Every st knitted into the front will be a st A and every st knitted into the back will be a st B. (WTF?)

Transfer sts to sz 7 needle and every A is on one side of the cast on ridge and every B is on the other (WTF again?)

Turn work inside out so that cast on ridge is on the inside of the clutch (WS) (I think i got this part, if I could get the previous 2)

the clutch is done with one color yarn (lion incredible) so the A and the B don’t mean colors… :??

Is it some freakish kind of knitting in the…I hesitate to say round…?

You’re dividing your stitches equally between two needles, each original stitch became two and the first stitch you knit in the original cast on stitch will go on one needle and the second knitted into that will be on another needle–a’s on one and b’s on the other. Then they want you to flip it over so the cast on is on the inside of the bag. Do you knit from each needle separately? One to a side?

I’M SO EXCITED :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I KNEW THAT, TOO :happydance: :happydance: Ingrid, I’m growing up a little :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

It doesn’t SAY to divide them on 2 needles… and if they want that, why not just say it!!! Arrghhhhhhhh Not give me random letters with no explaniation!

screw it, I’m just going to knit another booga. :slight_smile:

Yeah, really–do they just figure if you’re experienced enough to knit the clutch, then you’re also experienced enough to know what the heck to do?

A Hugea Booga?? :happydance:

Transfer sts to sz 7 needle

That’s as close as they got. :rollseyes: