Button/button hole band - egad

I am on the last leg of my first cardigan project - Wendy Mode DK. So, I will need to start picking up stitches for the front sides of the cardigan and am having difficulty conceptualizing the instructions. I am including photos of the right front side as completed so far and the specific part of the pattern itself. I understand that I will be picking up stitches and knitting at the same time but am not sure how to go about this. So far, no tutorials on button bands actually address this particular situation.

Also, should I block all pieces prior to starting this part?

As always, thank you in advance for your assistance with this; I have completed multiple projects but none would have been possible without this wonderful community!


You don’t actually need to pick up sts for these bands. You’re to use the sts on the holder for the front band. Just slip them onto a needle and begin working the rib. You’ll have to attach a new strand of yarn since it looks like a small amount in your yarn ball.
You’ll be working a long thin strip almost the same length as the front itself.

Thank you! When this is finished, I will post a photo-