Button Bands


I’ve completed a hooded cardigan and now have to do the button bands and finishing touches. I’m used to picking up the stitches and knitting up one side around the hood casting off then picking up stitches and doing the other band. The pattern is calling for me to do the following:

cast on 7sts, pick up 1st on bottom of front of body then knit across. continue in garter st and at body side knit the last st and one picked up from body together. continue in this manner up front of sweater and around hood and down the other front.

When I tried this i got the stitches all twisted. Not sure how to do this…seems easy but when i try i screw it up.

Is it going to look absolutely terrible if i pick up stitches and knit it the way i usually do and forget the pattern?

help! please



You can do them the same way you’ve done the bands before. Only you can decide if it’s going to look awful or not. Probably not.

well i finished the sweater and did the button bands by picking up stitches and working around the hood then the other side i just picked up stitches. well the right side around the hood is too tight and the left side while it looks ok now i think might be too loose…plus i learned a valuable lesson in marking off the button holes they are totally wrong…lol

how do you make the button bands so that they are not too tight or too loose???


Try dividing one side into 4 equal lengths and marking the sections with pins or stitch markers. Divide the other side of the front the same way. You can also divide the hood into 4 sections as well.
The bands you have now will give you an idea of how many sts you need to pick up on each side and on the hood so that the band is neither too tight nor too loose and wavy. The marked off sections will help you pick up evenly. Pick up the same number of sts along the right side as along the left side and you should be fine.
We’ve all made this mistake (for myself, more than once).