Button bands anybody?


I would say that I am an intermediate knitter who is taking on my first cardigan. In any event I am really having trouble with the section where belt loops are being added and where the collar begins to widen. The pattern reads exactly as follows;

Inc 2 sts inside 1 edge st at the center front for collar - knit the increased sts for collar in garter st, keeping the 1 st in stockinette st between button bands and body. On the following 2 rows garter st over only the 7 button band sts (short rows). Then inc 1 st inside 1 edge st 6 times every row, then 6 times every other row and then 6 times every 4th row = 20 st increase for collar.

I am really not sure how much of this pertains to the button band belt loops, but I didn’t want to leave anything out in case it was important. There isn’t much information on button bands or belt loops online that I could find so any help you experts could give would really be appreciated.

Just to be clear, there are no button on this cardigan, just a belt so I am sure that button bands must mean the belt loops. I hope :shrug:

I am really confused and the help of an angel :knitting: would mean the world. Thank you in advance, C

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
The directions are for increasing the buttonband sts to form the collar. This doesn’t sound like belt loops, just the edging on the front (called the buttonband) and the collar. You have 6sts for the buttonband and then one stitch in from the edge, increase one st to 7 buttonband sts. On the next 2 rows, knit the buttonband only (knit 7sts, turn and knit back on those 7sts). You’re adding rows to the buttonband only, not the body of the sweater (these are the short rows). Now you’ll continue the increases one stitch in from the buttonband edge every row, 6x and then every other row, 6x and finally every 4th row, 6x. All these increases are in garter st and there’ll be 19-20 increases (plus the initial 6=25-26sts for the collar).

Thank you for this fast response. Can you tell me what the purpose of the buttonband is and what it typically looks like. Also, why is it called a button band?

The buttonbands are the bands down the front of a sweater that could have buttons and buttonholes. It’s kind of like a facing on a woven fabric shirt. Without working the edges of your front pieces in something other than stockinette (I"m not certain but expect that’s what the main body of your sweater is) you’ll have so much curling it would be just about unwearable. Belt loops would maybe be at the side seams. Can you link to the pattern or a picture of it?

Hey Grumpy Granny,

Thanks for your interest. I am just really finding this part confusing because as far as I can tell there are no button, but as I said before there is a belt. I am working on the Left Front Peice right now so if you could check out that section of the pattern and give me your take I would really appreciate it. I am still having a bit of trouble understanding it so a step by step would really help me out.

The link is as follows, it contain the pattern and a pic of the finished garment;

Let me know, C :muah:

Thanks for the link. Yes, as GG said the buttonband is an edging or finishing element. This very pretty sweater uses it as part of the collar and separates it from the garter stitch body of the sweater with a column of stockinette stitch. Theedging or band increases to form the collar just at the part you’re asking about (but it’s not the belt loops).
So for the left front:
Knit across to one stitch before the band edge.
Inc 2 sts in garter st and then knit the edge stitch.
Turn as you normally do at the end of the row, knit the 7 band sts, turn again and knit back on the same 7sts. Turn and knit back across the entire row.
Knit across the next row (this is also where you need to start the armhole bind offs) and increase 1 stitch just before the edge stitch. Repeat this increase on every row 5 times more.
Now increase every other row 6x and then every 4th row, 6x.
You’ll have 20 increases and 26sts total in the band which is now forming the collar.
I don’t see any directions for belt loops but you can add those onto the finished sweater.

There’s no buttons on this sweater, but it still has a front band which is the same thing as a buttonband. It’s just the 7 edge stitches on the front pieces.