Button band

Please help I’m trying to complete two baby hoodies for my daughters twins expected soon .Ive got to the bit to make button hole band it’s says pick up 43 stitches , but when I come to make button holes there are not enough stitches .
It says rib2 cast off2 rib6 cast off 2 4times rib 2
I end up with not enough stitches and no button hole in rib edge at the bottom
Please help !

Welcome to the forum!
I’ve counted and it takes 43sts with 5 buttonholes.
Rib 2, bind off 2, (it takes 5sts to work this and leaves you with one stitch left after the buttonhole gap which is leftover from the cast off)
then (rib6, cast off 2) x4 (that’ll use up 36sts, 9 for each buttonlhole)
finally, rib 2.
That’s 5+36+2=43

Congratulations on the twins. That’s wonderful news.

Thank you for you feed back it’s exactly as the pattern says , but I don’t end up with a button hole in the bottom rib. I’m beginning to think I’m stupid

The pattern is as you say .Having first picked up stitch RS facing and working 2 rows rib . I finish button hole row at the rib end but without enough stitches to make one
Hope you can understand
I’m about to give up

You’re going to end with 3sts of rib rather than a buttonhole, right?
Don’t give up yet! Here’s a diagram of the way this is knit and on the second line the resulting buttonhole band. See if the helps. The inverted Vs are supposed to be stitches on the needle and the bars are the buttonholes.buttonholes


Thank you for your feedback but I still end up with only one stitch at the end of the row and no button hole

I was thinking of doing another row of rib and starting the other end so that the first button hole is in the bottom rib and maybe I can adjust when I get to the other end.

My husband says I should just give up !!

Try spacing out the buttonholes with markers starting at the other end before you knit the band. See if that helps. Can you post a photo of the needle with the sts from top to bottom? Use the little up arrow in the middle of the top border of the Reply box to insert a photo from your computer.
There’s a way to do these buttonholes…