Button band help

I need some help understanding this pattern I’m working on.
This is the first time I’ve knitted a cardigan or any sweater with buttons and the instructions are confusing me a bit.
I’m to knit the button band with the 7 stiches that I left on a holder at the bottom of the sweater, the pattern says
“Cast on 1st leaving a long tail for sewing. Pick up 7 st from safety pin (8st).
With ws facing knit in rib until when slightly stretched work measures to neck shaping, sewing in place as you go.”
So I am wondering how I am supposed to work it until it measures and sew it as I go? Am i missing something?

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I agree, sounds just about impossible. It’s probably best to knit the band and when you’re close to the measurement you want, baste the band to the front.

Okay that was my plan. Since the band turns into the collar I’m going to knit the band until it’s about the right size and then stich it on before moving to shaping the collar.

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Another option is to pickup a stitch from the cardigan edge and knit it together with the last stitch on the button/buttonhole band . This technique is called “seam as you go”.