Button band coming short of expectations

I’m knitting my second ever cardigan - the picture from the pattern is the 1st pic below. I’m nearing the end and just adding the button bands. I’ve done a pick up and knit, k2p2 for the first (right-side buttonhole) band, but it’s a little short at the top and bottom as per the other two pics below.

  1. Is there anything I can do to make this a little better?
  2. Should I do anything differently for the left-side band?


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Actually, it looks quite good. If you stretch it out or block it, it may be perfect. Knitting often relaxes with washing or blocking.
Work the other side the same for consistency. In the future you might pick up an extra stitch at each end but I really think you’re fine as is.
Lovely knitting.

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Thanks salmonmac! Reassuring advice :slight_smile:

I will work the other side the same as per your recommendation.

I’m looking forward to doing the blocking. My first time doing this and I’ve watched a few videos. It looks like just laying it out flat would usually do the job, but I think I’ll order some pins so i can ‘train’ that button band a little.

I agree that it looks fine but if you want it to pull in less in the ribbing, which is naturally going to pull in, pick up more stitches on each end. The main issue is to do the same for each the left and right side. That being said, I don’t think that I would rework the side you have already finished but go ahead and make the remaining side the same.

So I left it as was and did the other side the same. I’m ok with the final result. Thanks for the advice.

It turned out beautifully. If it’s like most cardigans, those front bands will tend to stretch. Mine do so I’m actually happier when they start out slightly short.
Well done!

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