Butterfly pattern

Hi there!!!
I’m trying to knit a sun-suit for my grand-daughter.
I would like to do a row of butterflies but I can’t follow my italian instructions; something must be wrong…
Does anybody know how to knit a butterfly pattern?

Thank you


Did you want a lace butterfly?

Knitty.com also has a top with a butterfly/dragonfly patterns

Hope this has helped in some way, wasn’t sure exactly what you were looking for. There are lots of stitch libraries on the net as well as patterns which may have a stitch that you were looking for.

a butterfly stitch was discussed here

Thank you both MsCarmen and Jints for your prompt reply!
I’ve really appreciated your efforts.
What I was looking for is something similar to the butterfly stitch in http://www.knittingonthenet.com/stitches/butterfly.htm suggested by MsCarnen.

I will surely try to do it.