Butterfly Cast-On

Does anyone know how to do a Butterfly Cast-on? I am starting a scarf in the Brioche Stitch and the pattern says to use the Butterfly cast-on? If you have worked with the Brioche stitch, do you think the Super stretchy cast-on that was talked about on Knitty. com would be good?

Thanks in advance.

Mary Pat

Do you have a link to the pattern? I’ve never heard of that cast on nor can I find anything about it. :??

I generally do a long tail cast on for most things. It’s nice and stretchy.

I’ve never heard of a butterfly CO either, unless that’s another name for long tail cast on, which is sometimes called the ‘slingshot’ CO. I suppose it does kind of make a ‘butterfly’ in how you warp the yarn around your fingers and thumb.

Thanks Jan and Sue. I don’t have a link as I received that pattern when I bought the yarn at a shop in Big Bear. I have Butterfly cast on several times and haven’t found anything. I think I will have to try and contact the store and see if they can tell me.
I appreciate your help.

Mary Pat

I did find a reference that I think equates it to the long tail cast on. So that would be my final answer (do I get a million $?) Try it out and see how it looks; I’ve used LT to cast on fisherman’s rib which is similar to Brioche and it works.

Further news - I found a reference to butterfly CO also called the ‘figure 8’ cast on.

Oh! That makes complete sense, Sue. I looked it up and it is used when a scarf is going to be knit going either way.


I personally prefer turkish cast on which ends up looking the same, but I find it easier.

I use the Turkish too, it’s easier than Figure 8 and I can’t get the hang of Judy’s magic caston.

Thanks to both you again!! You are wonderful!