Butterflies Fly Free

My latest feat :woot:

Pattern improv’d, per my usual
Yarn: Cascade UltraPima in a very gorgeous magenta/fuchsia

Will snap a pic of me wearing it once it’s finished blocking. :yay:

Wow, that is electric fuchsia! :zombie: Pretty!

Love that color!!! :woot:

Lovely work Monidew! You’re so beautiful in the first place, and this fuchsia is perfect! Very shapely sweater! Wowzer! Oooo la la!

:heart: the shaping on the sweater Moni - can’t wait to see it on you. Looks like a perfect shade for your coloring!!

Great job … love the shape! :cheering:

Thank you for all the flattering complements! I’m overwhelmed!

Here’s me:

BACK FAT = I can CLEARLY see that I’m not done losing weight yet! (UGH! I was living in a fantasy world until I saw this!)

Very pretty and it looks like a perfect fit! Looks great on!

Oh, beautiful sweater! And it looks great on you – a perfect fit!

I don’t see it! And it does look terrific on you!!

Agreed - it DOES look great on you! It’s gorgeous!!!

Back fat? I don’t see no steenking back fat. The sweater is beautiful, and you look fabulous in it! You are inspiring in more ways than one!!

well my new employer wants the pattern for this sweater! YIPES!

Reverse engineering - here I come!

(editing, hours later: UGH! struggling to write this pattern. kickin’ my butt!)

Absolutely beautiful!!! Both the sweater and you!

The sweater is gorgeous and looks wonderful on you! You look terrific.