Buttercup Sundress

Hi Everyone:hug:
Here is my effort on the Buttercup Sundress by Elanor Lynn.
Thanks so Much Shandeh for all your help with this project :heart:

Totally adorable…that just makes me think of warm summer days and a little girl blowing bubbles or running around outside…great work! :muah:

Good Job, Rita! It’s so cute! Any little girlie would just love it! :muah: :yay: :yay: :yay:

Adorable! :inlove:

WOW that is soooo cute. You did such a great job. where can that pattern be found? i like it more and more everytime I see one be made.

:inlove: too cute!!



That is adorable Rita. I love the colour, so pretty and girlie.

awww, it is sooo cute! I REALLY need to make one for my granddaughter!


Too cute! My girls would love that! I need to try that pattern!

It is from a book By Elanor Lynn called Cozy knits for cuddly babies:hug:

Rita, this dress is adorable :inlove: Lovely colour match :thumbsup:

So pretty! I really like the color. Did you decide to sew it by hand, or by sewing machine?

I had no choice but to sew it by hand as i do not have a sewing machine .
The back seam and the waist are sewn by hand but i had to use iron on bondaweb for the hem because the slightest stich was showing on the outside .
I am glad you liked it !:heart: Thanks !!

Wow, you did a really great job. I can’t decide whether or not to buy a new sewing machine (my old one would chew the material, spit it out, and then laugh in my face), or try to sew it by hand. My sewing skills are SO limited, which is why I don’t even like seaming a knitted project.

Well , I am not perfect at hand sewing but i managed it . Give it a go and if you can’t then you have an excuse to spend some money on a machine .:slight_smile:

A machine works really well, I just loosened the bottom tension. There is a little screw on my bobbin holder that I turn to do that.

Very nice. I can see my little girl in something like that

It’s beautiful, great job!