Butter tank

With the exception of the stitches that you’ll be using for your straps, purl a full round (front, under arms, and back) to prepare to add the i cord trim. This will be hardly visible but will keep the cord from rolling over too much. Knit the stitches you’ll be using for your straps.
• Straps and trim

I am confused. When I come to the spot where the straps will be when I need to purl do I cut the yarn at the 1st area where they attach, re-attach yarn then purl to other (strap) stitch cut, and do the same for the back area where the strap attaches?

Purl all the stitches except for the straps–knit those as you have been.

to do this do I put the tank back in the round making sure to pick up the underarm stitches?

oops I have that answer, thank you. I have no idea why things only make sense later. I interpreted the directions wrong. I am over thinking.

We all do that. I was in denial about a part of my sweater sleeve and now have to rip back a couple inches. Argh. :doh:

Begin by knitting straps from the
back. Take care not to twist or untwist your straps as you knit them. For each strap:
§ k6 to start.
§ c6f (put 3 stitches on
cable needle, hold them in front, knit 3 from your main needle, then knit the 3 from your cable needle)
§ For the next 4 rows, knit every stitch.
§ Repeat c6f and 4 rows of knitting until your strap measures 8 inches. Try to end after a c6f.

The question I have is, after purling the round (except where straps go) The working yarn is now at the top front left. ( if you were to put it on it would be the top front right.)

The next step is to begin at the back strap and make an Icord to the front. Where do I get the yarn to do this. I know I use the 6 stitches that are prepped for the strap but do I begin with a new piece or yarn? if so how many stitches do I cast on.

I have other question but I need to take this just one step at a time.

I would very much appreciate and help I can get. Thank you

I tried it on and so far it is looking like the picture so that is a good sign

That’s great that it’s fitting and looking good so far. For the first strap in the back, slip the sts around until you come to the 6 strap sts and begin knitting them with a new end of yarn. You could knit them on the same needle, back and forth but it would probably be easier to put them on another needle or 2 dpns. You don’t need to cast on any sts for the strap. You’re working with the sts you’ve already marked as strap sts, the same ones you knit on the last purl round.

I get what you are saying but do I just take a new strand of yarn and start knitting? Will it come undone?

Are you needing to start a strap using a new ball of yarn? If so, you can just start knitting with the new yarn, but be sure to leave about 6 inches to weave in later to secure the end.

This is really no different than when you have to add a new ball of yarn in the middle of a project. In that case you have two yarn ends (the old and the new), and you can knit a couple of stitches using both yarn ends held double.

However, this same technique also works when you only have one yarn end. Your stitches (in both cases) may be loose, but you can tighten them up on the next round, and definitely before you weave in the ends.

I just thought of something. I will be starting the strap from the back stitches so when it comes to doing the Icord bind off will it work if I pick up the stitches where the strap began?

You knit the strap starting at the back and when you get to the front, three sts go on a holder and the outer (armhole) 3 sts start the I-ccord bind off. You continue the I-cord along the underarm, [I]behind[/I] the back strap. So you don’t pick up sts where the strap began, you work plain old I-cord behind those strap sts. Then you continue with the I-cord bind off across the back of the tank to the other, unworked back strap.

When you start the new end of yarn, be sure to leave about a 6 inch tail to weave in later. With that size tail, the end won’t come undone and weaving in the end will secure it.

so the icord bind off will not be attached at all to the straps? I am sorry, this is my first top project

You knit the first strap from the back toward the front. When you’re reach the front and the strap is long enough to attach, you put the inner 3 sts on a holder and start the I-cord with the outer 3sts so the I-cord grows out of the strap. It’s just across the back that it moves behind that initial strap.
These aren’t easy directions to follow at this point but if you take them one step at a time, with the work on the needles, you can do it. You’ve gotten this far and the top sounds excellant!