Butter tank straps. went from frustrated to extremely frustrated

I need a new way to do these straps. I am wrecking the thing. What else can I do? Any info would be appreciated.It is just to small an amount for me to cable and twist. I was think of trying to knit a separate twisted Icord and attach it after. I am not sure. I do know that I am wrecking the stitches that I would need to connect it to so I have to try something different. Cabling 6 stitches in the round was not possible for me and doing back and forth wasn’t working as the actual top was making it twist when I turned it as well.

It may be time to give this project a day or two off. That will ease your frustration and when you pick it up again, you might see another way to do the straps. One doesn’t have to work the pattern exactly as written either; if you can do the straps a different way that looks okay to you, then do so.

It does seem impossible to cable so few sts in the round. Working the cable flat does work and you might try spacing the cable twist every 6-8rows rather than every 5 rows. But if it’s giving you trouble, I-cord over 4 sts might work very well in its place.

Yeah, I think if she did the cable twist every 6th row it would help, and would still have that twist if done every 8th row too.