Butter colored raglan sweater

Just a simple raglan sweater as a birthday present for my best friend. She and I have been best friends for 41 years!

Oh that looks nice!

Thanks, it was my first attempt at doing a raglan.

Great Job
I made a yellow Sweater once, it quickly became my fav
as I M sure this one will as well


That’ll be perfect for spring and summer! :yay:

the color warmed me up to look at! I’ve seen some pretty yellow yarns lately…

Darn I forgot! For those of you who like the yarn, it is Bernat Satin in Banana, very soft yarn and has a great sheen.

Oh, it looks comfy, and it’s one of my favorite colors!

Beautiful! What a lovely gift for a special friend.

Nice work! I too like yellow, and this is a lovely shade.

I love it too, great job!:thumbsup:

Very nice!!

how sweet!! It looks great and I’m she will love it!! :heart:

Very nice your friend is going to be so pleased x

What a pretty sweater!

What a wonderful gift for someone who sounds like a wonderful friend!

It looks very nicely done! What a great gift for your friend.