But... I followed the pattern... I swear!

I am completely finished my sweater. The ends are woven in , the sleaves are seemed up, the shoulders are seamed, the collar is on… all that is left is to sew on the arms to the main body.

I got ready to do that last night and the arm holes on the body are bigger than the arm holes in the sleaves…

:?? :shrug:

I knit everything exactly to the pattern, and everything else fits perfectly.

What happened? Is this normal?!!?


You’re not alone! I’ve had that happen, too. If the holes on the body aren’t too much bigger, pin the sleeve to the body starting at the top shoulder seam. Attach it evenly on each side until you get to the underarm, and then bunch the body bit so that the sleeves fit. You might have to space the bunching, but it’s in a spot no one will see anyway unless you spend a lot of time with your arms up! :wink:

I’m considering re-knitting the sleaves…but I think that they will turn out exactly the same anyways… I really was careful with the pattern.

I am going to my LYS later today to see what they think incase there is something glaring wrong that I didn’t notice. :slight_smile:

It’s not unusual, it just happens. It sucks when it does, but it happens.