But I don't have that circular needle

So I’m a fairly new knitter and the most complicated thing I’ve done is switch colors. But I really really want to learn how to knit things in the round (specifically the felted slippers like [these Knitting at Knoon ones]](http://knittingatknoon.com/slipperpatt.html).

BUT, I only have one 10.5" circular needles. Can I use dpns for the whole thing? :?? Mind you these would be dpns that I’ll make (cause I’ve been wanting to try doing that too after watching Amy’s video on doing it) and since I don’t have then now I’ve never ever used dpns. I’m counting on the felting part to “fix” my boo boos as I learn. Oh, I might also add that I ain’t knit nothin’ on them darn circular needles yet either… tried once though. :oops:

Any input much appreciated. :blush:

well i always prefer to use a circ over a DPN but i don’t see any reason why you can’t do it on DPNs. Looks like it says the circ is optional anyway. and since it is only 44 stitches there shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t divide those over DPNs pretty easily.