Busy designing again

I could not find a sweater pattern for my bitty brat pomeranian WolfieDog, so I am making one, I just can’t stop, now when I see a pattern, I find what is not perfect about it, and have to make my own…somebody stop me (not):knitting:

thank God for graph paper and MS Paint, without it, I would so not be doing any of this!

Have fun designing! It’s looking good so far.

I often use Excel to do color work designs and charts; I’ve not used MS Paint. What are you using it for?

you can make a graph, and try out different color combos, stitch combos, you name it and you can do it in paint, I love Excel, but mostly for household finances, and accounting.

Thanks for the info about Paint; I’ve not used it much before.

I like to shrink the cells in Excel down to squares and then use the automatic copy across cells (or rows) feature to fill in large chunks of my chart. Much easier than typing everything in one cell at a time! I also use the highlight cells feature and make it all kinds of colorful.

Whatever works, though!

yes, whatever works! I usually make a 4x4 square in paint, then copy and paste it repeatedly until I have a 10x10, or whatever I need for the pattern, then go from there with colors, etc. I like how paint lets you customize the color, so you can get the truest color match to your yarn.

You can also just google graph paper and print it right from the computer. I have done that many times.

yes, and office comes with a template for graph paper, but I buy the graph paper tablets at office supply stores, am about out, so it is time to get more.

I really admire knitters who have the talent (and desire, and skill) to design! I can knit and follow directions…but rarely do I venture out in creating a design! I’m on the outside, looking in on your warm place!

Kudos to you! :yay: