Busy day of crafting clean up

A while ago we were talking about how we stored our knitting/craftingsupplies.
Up until today, my stuff was under a bed, in a linen closet, under my daughters bed. etc…
After my daughter and I sat down and talked about what we could do to get all our supplies in one spot, so we can spend more time crafting and less time looking for stuff.

Heres some pics, all the furniture was stuff we had in other rooms that were never really utilized. I spent about 10.00 at the dollar store for a few containers.

PS CarmenIbanez, I’ll be posting some pics of the yarn used so far, we are on a summer hiatus and will be back at the charity knitting in September (we meet at the school).

:cheering: Doesn’t it feel great to be all tidied up!

It feels great, inspiring, I found stuff I forgot I even had bought. Made my husband happy as I have more then enough ideas to use all my current stash…If I can keep from buying anything between now and xmas I will be rewarded with a nice gift card to the lys…:slight_smile:

Wow… I wish my stash was organized like that! :shock:

It all looks very tidy and neat!! You did a great job of organizing. I can see that you like the color “blue” too. :XX: :XX:

me too :oops:

What a great looking craft center! You must be very proud of yourselves!