Busy, busy & I love Tilli Tomas

So I haven’t been around much lately. I’m in the midst of a move from Tucson to Maine via Florida! :waah:

However, I have been trying to get some knitting done. I’m working on several different things and have made a vow to myself not to cast on for ANYTHING else until I have these things finished.

Today, I visited an out-of-town LYS and touched the beauty that is Tilli Tomas yarns!! I am in love! :passedout:

I splurged and bought a skein of Pure and Simple Silk in the Tapestry colorway. It is so soft and gorgeous and EXPENSIVE!! Why did I have to follow head over heels with such a yummy, yet expensive yarn??

I fondled the Disco Lights and the Rock Star and love both of those equally. I couldn’t decide on a color while I was in the store. So I will look through patterns and then order the yarn off the net since I know what it feels like now. It is so gorgeous! :yay::yay:

Can’t wait until I get to Maine and settle in so I can get some serious knitting done! :knitting:

[COLOR=blue]Hi! [/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]Welcome to Maine (well when ya get here that is) lol :)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]anne [/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]n. sebago, me[/COLOR]

Thank you!! I am so ecstatic about moving there. My SO is already there, has our apartment set up, and started his new position at the station. He can’t stop raving about the beautiful scenery, abundant wild life, and moderate temps!!
Roll on October 13th!!! :yay:

Right girls educate me…Who is Tilli Thamas and can I view her yarn on the web???

Girl, your bank account is going to rue the day you ever asked this question!! :mrgreen:

I just discovered Tilli Tomas and though these yarns are rather high end, they are so pretty and breathtaking and just perfect for that one amazing project that you will treasure for life. It’s great for splurging!!

I have discovered that kpixie.com carries the Tilli Tomas line at a lesser price than the LYS I went to a few days ago.

Some people aren’t impressed with TT yarns so keep that in mind. I’ve yet to knit with my one TT skein, so I can’t determine whether I will like knitting with it. But it’s 100% silk! And so PRETTY!! :knitting:What more could a girl ask for?

I’ve only touched the yarns. They are wonderful. And you virtually can never get them on sale. I touched the one made with the Swarovski crystals, $120 for a 100 gram hank. But the regular beaded ones aren’t that bad considering. Art Yarns stuff is more expensive per gram, so is Alchemy. Still, definitely on the pricier end.

This is definitely true! However, I did find a few on kpixie.com that were up to 40% off. Don’t know why I am announcing this, because I am still deciding if I’m going to splurge a bit more.


Might want to do some googling around for price fixing in relation to Tilli Thomas yarns. Beyond that, it sounds like they have tried to play nasty with some other yarn makers. My recollection is that they tried to file a cease and desist order against a company for making beaded yarns saying that they had some sort of patent on it. :roll: I think their yarn is gorgeous but not enough that I would spend the money on it. :shrug:

Hey where in Maine will you be moving?


I’ve only touched the yarns. They are wonderful. And you virtually can never get them on sale. I touched the one made with the Swarovski crystals, $120 for a 100 gram hank.


Good Lord! 120.00 a hank??? :noway::eyes::shock:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

To Fort Fairfield. It is near Presque Isle and Caribou. A few minutes from New Brunswick, Canada.

Whereabouts in Maine are you? :waving:

Edited to add: Brenda, I am going to be less than impressed with TT if that turns out to be true. Why do people have to be jerkwads??

It’s beautiful yarn,and probably has a wonderful hand, but it would have to knit itself before I’d pay $120.00 a skein! My my ~

Hope you like Maine more than my friends did, they moved there in March, and are moving back this weekend. Go figure.

I live in Gorham only about 20 minutes away from Portland I have never heard of Fort Fairfield but I would like to get out that way sometime, there is a lot of Maine I have not seen yet because we always go out of state on vacation.

I am hoping I like it as well. My SO is already there and RAVES about it. We are right on the Aroostook River (it runs through the town) and everything is so beautiful and green. We are slightly concerned about the winter as we both grew up in Florida. But that just gives me more excuses to knit!

Fort Fairfield is quite a bit north of Portland–about 300 miles. You are so lucky because there is a veritable [U]wealth[/U]of LYS in and around your area!! I feel sure I can sweet talk my SO into taking me around to visit them! :mrgreen: