Bust darts on a top down cardigan

I have been trying to figure out how to do short row bust darts on a cardigan. Do I start by doing the w/t on one side and then k cross the back to the other side? But it seems that if you start at the underarm you will w/t and return to the underarm. I’m confused.

Bust darts. I do them too. I assume your pattern doesn’t tell you how to do them. First, while I think for a few minutes, I’m going to post the link for the short row method I use, German short rows, for you to consider for your own use. I find they show less.

OK, I’ve thought, I think I can explain this, at least sort of. I work one side at a time* though you could go back and forth and do them all together…at least I think so…I’ve used them on a sweater front worked in one piece and did one side, worked across, did the other; working across the back would be pretty much the same thing. (You can probably tell I have problems with getting this straight in my head.) One set is worked on the RS and the other on the WS. I like to put in a lifeline before I start the short rows so if/when I mess up it’s easier to get back to starting over. Also, if I mess up on one side and haven’t worked the other yet, I’m not frogging everything. HTH

*When I work one side at a time, both sides are done so that you work to the center front, turn, work to the point of short row turning, work back to the front. If I have this wrong someone will correct me.

If you start at the underarm (a few stitches toward the front) you work back across the side, then the back and the other side to the same place on the other front.

It seems to me that you want the extra fullness in the front rather than across the back. So if it were a one piece front you’d work extra rows from near one underarm to the other underarm. For a cardigan, I’d start at the buttonband edge and work to near the underarm, w&t and work back to the buttonband edge. Do that to put in as many extra rows as you’c like and do the same on the other side: start at the buttonhole band, work across the front to the underarm area, w&t and work back to the band.

You’re right, I had it exactly backwards.