Business ideas help

my sister has always wanted to run her own business and is planning on taking some classes at the local cc. her idea is to open a bakery/cafe with room to sit, hang out, read, knit, whatever. it would be ran by her and her two sisters (i’m one of them;) ) any ideas for cute names? or ideas for the cafe? she is thinking of hosting knit nights, scrapbook nights, ect. right now nothing is on paper, but anything would be great!

also, any tips on how to go about getting loans or space or supplies?

I have no clue about loans and such, but that is a cool idea!

Let’s see… :think: Hobby Cafe? Don’t know…I’m not good with names. :teehee:

Cafe con Crafts? :roflhard:

Crafty Coffee? :teehee:

She could have knit covers on all of the chairs, and all of the table tops could be made up to look like scrap book pages (laqured over).

She could have KH videos playing on t.v.'s mounted all over the room. Or have drop boxes so that knitters and crocheters could drop their swatches off and sew the swatches together and donate lap blankets to local charities.

Sponsor an adopt a grandparent night and have bingo for the grandparents and the adopters.

She could give away yarn if people guess how many coffee beans are in a jar.

Really I’m no help, just kidding around.

:lol: actualy letah, some of those are great ideas! i like the ‘scrapbook’ tables, and the donation boxes, and the adopt a grandparent thing… hmmm.

not sure about knitted seat covers! they’d leave that to me since niether of them knit, yikes! :zombie:

crafty cafe? :think:

Alright… coffee is stored in a carafe right? What about Carafte? “Cah-rahft” Yep. Lame. Just what I thought. lol. But it’d make for a great logo… think… coffee carafe with knitting needles sticking out of it :smiley:

Riss…that’s not a stupid idea at all, that’s actually a top notch idea! Especially if the design logo was cleverly done emphasising the coffee in the craft.

I think you ladies should see a business planner of some sort. Perhaps ask for a bank recommendation so you can avoid the con men and do this to ensure you cover insurance and are really aware of shop/business lease arrangements and obligations. You will generally lease via a real estate agency with a commercial portfolio but the fine print in business obligations - often requiring to lease for three years whether you end the business or not, or find it not profitable or not etc. - needs a practiced party to ensure at the beginning of this venture you are in safe hands and are not, for example, potentially risking your homes if something untoward in the business happens. You want to know for example if you are covered in the business for all forms of child accident. Should a parent spill hot coffee on their child, can YOU be sued and so on…