Burrs etc

in some book I read it said to cut the yarn whenever there is something stuck in it, like a twig or burr or piece of dirt or even when the yarn is thicker.

does anyone actually do this?

if I really did this with half of what I considered the nicer yarn I’ve knit with, there would be a new join every half hour?! especially now I am using rowan tapestry - grey, it is almost like thick/thin - I have to keep pulling fuzzballs of silver off the darker part and there are leaves in it…

if I just pick it all out and keep knitting is it all going to fall apart in a year?

  • rebecca

If your yarn has LOTS of twigs and burrs in it I would take it back!!! Sometimes you get an “odd” ball.

The only yarn I’ve ever used that has to be cut often is recycled sari silk.

Fuzzballs are a little different though… I would keep on knitting, and then use a sweater stone to remove the pills later.

Burrs and twigs? :?? I have never had yarn with burrs and twigs. I can’t afford that high quality burry/twiggy yarn so I guess that’s it. :teehee:

I’ve had yarn with sticks in it, but ~babydill~ has had horrible problems with one particular kind of yarn. I’ve found twigs, thin pieces of plastic and dirt in my yarn, along with millions of fuzz balls. I pick everything out and keep knitting. I do not cut ends when the yarn gets either thick or thin, unless the yarn is going to break (I’ve had Noro break before).

It isn’t worth having to weave in all the extra ends, just clean out the yarn as best as you can!

Yeah, I think it’s Noro’s Silk Garden — emphasis on Garden



Hildegard - it’s kind of late to return that yarn - I got this on sale online, and I kept expecting it to stop, … and I knitted the rest of the ball last night because I was hoping to wear my scarf today - but for future reference, have you done this before? and the yarn store really doesn’t mind?

Sara, do you think the yarn is not likely to break if it doesn’t break while you’re knitting?

and so rowan and noro - usually nice, or not?

anyway, the new ball seems to be perfect, so that’s a relief. (but still not finished. :pout: )


I don’t like Noro from feeling it in the store - too rough. I’ve ordered some Rowan Tapestry, it’s similar to Paton’s SWS, though I don’t know if it’s softer. Hoping it comes today…


I don’t think that it will break if it hasn’t broken when you knit with it - knitting with it only makes it stronger.

Noro is okay, but was a pain to knit with. It is great for felting and the colors are just to die for so you just have to decide if it is worth it or not.