[COLOR=blue]Hi everyone.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#0000ff]I have just started to crochet and i am posting my first ever project here. The pattern was kindly given to me by MaryKZ and she was a great help and spurred me on to finish it even when i was ready to forget about it.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#0000ff]It is of the bunny that Mary posted a few weeks ago. LoL not that you would notice.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#0000ff]I had to do it with bigger hooks as they do not do the american sizes here in the UK.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#0000ff]Now be Gentle with me and try not to laugh:muah:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#0000ff]I gave it away to a little girl today who is going to hospital to have her tonsils out on the weekend . She was happy with it.[/COLOR]

I think it’s SUPER cute! I love it.

That is adorable! Well done! :cheering:

Awesome and very well made. I bet the little girl loved it.

I just love bunny!!! she’s so cute and what a great idea to give the little girl a new friend for her trip to the hospital.

Thanks everyone and it is all down to you Mary.:slight_smile:


She loved it. I also gave her the blossom goody bag that i made for the party as she won’t be able to come. Her face lit up like a christmas tree.