Bunny pattern help (long stitch?)

Pattern: I can’t post URLs. It’s in the patterns section of this website.
Patterns -> Toys & Dolls -> Knitted Bunny (Third one down on the left)

What’s step 2 telling me to do?:

start at A and sew with long stitches in a semicircle through point H, and
back down to point A’

I don’t know what a long stitch is, and Google isn’t cooperating to help me find out.
I tried threading the yarn back and forth between the AH curve and the A’H curve to bring both sides together, but it doesn’t look like right, and it seems as if both ends of the yarn should end up back at the same spot.

It could be a ‘whipstitch’ or basting stitch.

I think when they say ‘long stitch’ they mean just to thread the yarn around loosely following the dash line around. Like how you’d thread a string for a drawstring purse or something. That way when you pull the yarn close it will form the bunny’s head. You would then stuff the head from the opening between A and A’ afterward you use one of the yarn ends to sew the opening close. Hopefully I made sense.

Yes, that makes a lot more sense. Thank you.