Bunny help please

I’m trying one of those cute bunnies from here and I have a question for anyone who can help:

the schematic that shows how to stitch him up…look at points A to B…it says 1/4…does that mean 1/4 of an inch or 1/4 of the way across the whole square???

Sorry–I don’t sew and 1/4 looks really wrong…maybe it’s not…

could someone help me out??!?!

don’t be too picky with this…but I’ve made this bunny, and I’d go for 1/4 of the size of your square. :slight_smile: Once you get the head made, it’ll kind of just “come together” :slight_smile:

my bunny is in my Yarnlandia blog.

I stitched the bunny and he looks really wrong. He’s got a big ole’ butt and tiny pointed arms. I hate it. That was a lot of work for nothing!

Oh, I’m so sorry that it didn’t work out…

it’s okay…I just can’t seam stuff to save my life and it really puts a damper on what I knit. I’ve only seamed a simple purse of my own design when I first started knitting and it was super huge chunky yarn.

The only problem is it was supposed to be a project to get me un-frustrated!!! I’m avoiding a shawl b/c I’m bored w/ it…I guess the bunny wasn’t the best idea I’ve had…

Off to work on grandma’s boring old scarf…

Isn’t it supposed to have a big butt? Did you see Kelly’s bunny?

trust me…my butt was bigger!!

Actually…I think it’s that my head is too small and my arms and legs are pointy…I’m really disappointed…I don’t know what happened.

The bunny is now the dog’s newest chew toy…

I do this with things that don’t turn out too! He loves them! Something about the smell of slobbered on wool, I guess. :roflhard: Glad someone is getting some pleasure out of it.

the dog really seems to be enjoying it…you should have seen dh’s face though when he came home and the dog was chewing on something that I was working on the night before…he looked very panicked…:slight_smile:

I made one of those bunnys today and he almost went flying out the back door :wall: I could figure out all the AB BC stuff :?? Even had hubby come in and help me .He looked at it and said if it’s not made of wood or metal he couldn’t help :rofling: Well I finally figured out it ment AB EDGES :doh: So don’t feel bad I felt the same way.It came out ok but the legs are kind of pointy.I’m gonna try and make a bigger one maybe that will be easier to work with

Bunnies come in all shapes and patterns :slight_smile: http://bunnyalong.blogspot.com/

cute–I like those little ones she said she knitted for her nephew–I wish the pattern was included. I can’t make anything beyond biscuits from scratch!