Bunny Booties


I have a question about this pattern

It says

“working in garter st, inc one st at each end of 3rd and foll alt rows until there are 21 sts, than in foll 4th row once.”


do the increases at each end of row 3. Then on rows 5, 7, 9, etc (every other row) until you have 21 stitches. Then no increases on next 3 rows and increase on the 4th row.

Thank you!

You are my new best friend :slight_smile:

I am very anal retentive and I so prefer when every last detail is spelled out for me lol

Thanks! I love new friends!! LOL :muah: :yay:

I forgot to say - cute pattern; I’m keeping it for next time I need a baby present.

I’m going baby-bootie crazy

I like the satisfaction of working a project
&&actually finishing it :stuck_out_tongue: