Bunny Blanket Question

Ok, I’m trying to do this pattern


Maybe it’s more than I can do. It seems I’ve had questions all along. I’m up to row 1 of “Shape Ears” section. Here are the instructions:

Shape Ears
Row 1 P3tog, return st to left needle, cast on 17 sts, p3tog, p 15 – 16 sts on right needle, 25 sts on left needle.
Row 2 Turn and p 14, p2tog – 40 sts.
Row 3 Turn and p 16.
Row 4 Turn and p 12.
Row 5 Turn and p 14.
Row 6 Turn and p 16, p2tog – 39 sts.
Row 7 Turn and p 18.
Row 8 Turn and p 16, p2tog – 38 sts.


  1. When I return stitches to my left needle, do I have to twist them or do they just slip right off from right to left? I want to make sure my stitches are going the right direction.
  2. What is all this turning business? What does that mean?

Any help is appreciated.

Yes–just transfer the stitches without twisting them.

Turning is turning your work to knit or purl back as if you finished the row. It’s called short row shaping. You won’t be knitting all the stitches from one needle to the other. Knitting some of them will shape the piece.

Ok Ingrid, so when it says turn, I put the needle in my left hand in my right, and vice versa for the needle in right to left - like I’m starting a new row? Is that right?

That’s exactly right.:thumbsup:

Thanks Ingrid!