Bunny Blanket Buddy

Is someone making the ‘Bunny Blanket Buddy’?
I’m having trouble understanding rows 40 -41. At the end of row 39 I have 40 stitches, which is what I’m supposed to have. But row 40 -41 says ‘cast on 12 stitches for paws, knit to end of row - 64 sts.’ Won’t I end up with 52 stitches? What am I not seeing?
Thanks for any help.


Are you casting on 12 for one paw? Should you have two paws? Maybe you should put 12 at each end. Or are you casting on 3 stitches for each of 4 paws.

Maybe you can type in the directions for 40-41.

Thanks for answering so fast. It says nothing about casting on more than 12 stitches. Maybe if you could see the pattern. It’s on the Lion Brand site. The pattern is called “Bunny Blanket Buddy” Velvetspun yarn is used. The pattern # is 50722. I’m at a loss. The exact pattern for rows 40 - 41 says…Rows 40 - 41 Cast on 12 stitches for paws, knit to end of row - 64 sts. Then it goes to Rows 42 - 47 Knit.

OK, I get it! You cast on 12 stitches on both rows 40 and 41!

I was confused about those 2 rows when I made that as well - in fact, I posted about it on here.

It should be:

Row 40: cast on 12 stitches, knit across (52)
Row 41: cast on 12 stitches, knit across (64)

They combined the two rows into one line becuase you’re doing the same action, but it confused a newbie like me. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much to both of you !


Hi - saw your posts on the blanket. I’m making it for the first time and all seems fine until I get to the ears :frowning:

I’ve been practicing making ears on a separate set of needles. Each time I make the ears, and my stitches are counting out correctly, the base of the ears has a hole like about the size of a button hole. Any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

Hi…I’m not that far yet. When I do, I’ll get back to you.


I had the same problem with the ears. At the very last row the pattern tells you to p1, *s1, p1 (to end of row). I found that if I skipped the p1 and went straight to a slip st that I didn’t get the hole.

If you still get the hole, however, you could always sew it up when you bind off.

Thanks for the tip to skip the p1 in the last row of ears. I’m going to try that. If it doesn’t work, I’ll just sew it up.
Also - I was talking to one of Lionbrands reps and they suggested if the blanket is for an older child to use blue yarn for the eyes and pink for the nose and mouth instead of the black. She made one that way and said it looked real cute.