Bunny Avatar

Everyone else seems to be getting their ‘bunny groove’ on, so I decided to (sort of) take that route. Who would have thought that typing in ‘sheep with bunny ears’ would have come up with a picture? :rofling:


That is precious!

You can truly find ANYTHING on the net, huh?! :roflhard:

I always find it funny that no matter what you type in for a search–you can get it on ebay:

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Whatever you’re looking for
you can get it on eBay.

That is so cute! Looks like she’s smiling :cheering:


My three year old is going to wonder where the “cow lady” went. (I dont know why she thought your avatar was a cow, but she did.) I know shes gona ask, so. . . is the cow lady going to come back?


Oh my…that is too cute! The things you find on the internet!!

Tell her the ‘cow lady’ went to a wild party and ended up naked, smiling, and wearing bunny ears. Or not. :rofling:



:smiley: Only u, Ing-A-Ling :wink:


Let me know if you need to go over to the knitty boards. :thumbsup:

:roflhard: :roflhard: You mean the nakedness and bunny ears aren’t enough?

Hey, I’m just sayin, better safe than sorry, y’know? :rofling:

Only you could find a sheep with bunny ears

Hehehe I am loving the sheep. but I am partial to my little froggy :wink:

I think I’ll change mine too!!!
In our house, we call them “bungies” not bunnies :oops: [/size]

I love it!