Bundle of Joy

I just couldn’t wait any longer to tell someone (haven’t told our families yet). We’re expecting our first bundle of joy in May. DH and I are so excited.

Is it normal to cry all of the time? I may have to stop reading some of the posts, since I cry at anything that is sad, touching, or makes me angry.

Well I just had to get it out. Yay Yay Yaaayyyyy!:yay::cheering::woot::woohoo:

Congratulations! That’s wonderful!:cheering:

Congratulations and being emotional is very very natural. At another time of your life we would call similar responses menopause! :roflhard:

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“3”]Congratulations!!!

Yes, it’s completey normal to be very emotional during this time. Just try to roll with it … it’s not a permanant thing.[/SIZE][/FONT]

That’s great!!:balloons:CONGRATS!!!


I was emotional throughout all four of my pregnancies. One time I couldn’t stop crying in a card store while picking out an anniversary card for my husband!
Congratulations! May is a wonderful month to have a baby, too – spring babies are the best!

Congratulations!!! :cheering:

I became super emotional when I first got pregnant, 16 years ago, and have been ever since. Welcome to the world of motherhood! :eyes:

cloud9 Congratulations! :hug:

[COLOR=red]Congratulations to you both. :)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#ff0000]You will have loads of joy with your new bundle of love.[/COLOR]

Congratulations! What wonderful news. I actually teared up when I read your post…and when I watched Bridget Jones this morning…and when I watched We are Marshall the other evening…hmm…I guess I’m just a crybaby lately! Keep us updated with your progress!

:cheering: :woohoo: Congratulations! I hope your families will be as thrilled as we all are.

Congratulations!! Crying is normal, getting angry is normal… emotions on a rampage.

Congratulations! Hope you have a great pregnancy :hug:

:cheering:Congratulations!!! :woot:

Happy Baby Knitting !!!

Congratulations! Being emotional is totally normal as the others have said. Welcome to the wonderful world of parenting!!

cloud9cloud9cloud9oh wonderful new and yes it is ok to :waah:cry at the drop of the hat.:ick: It will get better:balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons:

:waah::waah: I’m so happy for you!!:waah::waah:


Congratulations :yay: