Bunch of booties

Okay, another try to put a picture on here instead of a link. This is a picture of 6 pair of booties I have made. 2 are the doggie booties, 2 are the variegated booties and the other two are new. The yellow ones are from Megan Mills’ pattern and the green ones are from another pattern I got online. Where? Don’t remember. Sorry. :oops:

Those are cute!


I did it!! I think something you said did help me even though I didn’t understand it at first. LOL

Is the size of my picture all right? I got it from my PhotoBucket site. I clicked on the one on the thread and it says it is 525 wide. That’s a little over (I just went and read the sticky about picture sizes.). ArtLady told me she just takes her pictures from her PhotoBucket place. But maybe her pictures stored there are not as big as mine.

KH has software that automatically resizes so they don’t appear too large. Keep in mind though that if you don’t resize at all the file size will be humongous and slow everything down. So the answer is YES, yours is fine! :cheering:

Boy, you have been bootie busy! They are all cute.


I use photobucket too, it has a setting that when u upload ur pics to it it will automatically make them the correct size for posting online. I like it because I get to store all of my pics there
Great job on the booties! you got some feet to put in them?:yay:

Those are so cute. Love the doggie design.


I will have some feet to put them in soon. Our youngest daughter is having her first baby, a girl, in October. I love having a fall/winter tiny baby to knit for. :slight_smile: Thanks for the compliment. Merigold

Thanks Jan for that okay on the size. I was a little worried because they were still saying 525 after resizing. I like to follow the guidelines. :slight_smile:

Thanks to Jan, Julie, Nonny, and Sue for the comments on the booties. I appreciate them. Merigold