I just bought some lana grossa yarn:


It is ribbon type yarn that makes ruffles when you knit into the top and fluff out the rest. I got about 1/2 way through the ball and it started raveling in the middle of the ribbon. If it were regular yarn, I would just cut and splice but I don’t think I can do that with this stuff.

If I had bought it in the US, I would take it back but I bought it here in Switzerland and I don’t know enough German to ask the ladies at the shop what to do. I may just send the company an e-mail. It wasn’t that much $$, it is just that when I get something like that, I expect it to be a quality product. :tap:

I suppose this is just a rant but thanks for listening. :eyes:

That’s so dissappointing. You could still take it back and show the ladies at the store what happened. It should be obvious in any language. Maybe it’s just one defective ball?
Or, call it experience and move on to the next project.

Yes, sometimes if it doesn’t work out, you have to set it aside and do something else. I’ve tried projects that just didn’t work out and had to quit. My skill levels weren’t adequate to do them. I’ve tried them again six months or a year later when my skill levels were better and had no problem with them. Sometimes it’s just the yarn. Maybe you could find something similar to it in another brand that might work out better for you.

I did figure out how to cut and splice that yarn but i am going to sew the cut ends in case of further problems. I have to wait for my sea ship for my sewing supplies, another week.

But I will not buy that brand again!!! Trying a different brand. :knitting:

Sewing the ends sounds like great insurance. Thanks for the tip on the yarn and good luck!