Bummed out because the LYS isn't open today!

I LOVE going, whether I’m fondling yarn or knitting. I feel lost! If I didn’t have an appointment this afternoon with the doctor, I was considering driving out of town to go to a yarn store.
So I’m stuck at home making Sally Melville’s Minimum Scarf. I’m using Touch Me, which is wonderful, but rather slow working in rows.

I need to go on a knitting retreat!

Well after all, you can’t expect them not to celebrate this both culturally and religiously significant day of the week :roflhard:

Of course here in New England the weather is so unseasonably beautiful, I wouldn’t blame my LYS staff for taking the day off for a picnic, or maybe just some knitting in the park.

(PS my LYS is open extra LATE on Thursdays)

:?? Why aren’t they open today? Mine is open every day but Sunday.

Dunno. Maybe doing inventory-I heard they were going to.

And Jan, you probably live in a MUCH more populated area than me. Right now, I’m jealous as h*ll because YOU can go to the LYS while I have to stay home. :frowning:

I’ll be there tomorrow, though! Yay for that!

Yeah, I probably do. :wink: Southern CA is rather crowded. We just heard last week that the LYS is for sale. :shock: For as many people as we have there aren’t that many yarn stores. The other one locally closed a few months ago. There are some others within 20 miles or so, but I’m lazy and like to go around the corner. :teehee: