Bumble bee sweater

Hi I am new to this site and fairly new to knitting. I am knitting the children’s Bumble Bee Sweater pattern which I got off this site. I am now on the sleeves but I am confused by the increase instructions because when I h completed the increase I got 47 stitches (for the larger size) and not the 59 which the pattern indicates I should have. I have gone over the instructions many times and I just cannot see where I should be doing more increasing to get those extra stitches. Also when I look at the instructions at the end of the sleeves to decrease, the numbers also of stitches also don’t add up. Please help!!!



I just took a look at the pattern, and the numbers seem to work out.

The first set of increases are to increase at each end of the row, every 6 rows, 3 times, so that would give you 6 more stitches; then the second set has you increase very 4 rows, 12 times, giving you 24 more.

So the original cast on is 29 + 6 + 24 should give you 59.

Thanks for your prompt reply modsquad. I realise my mistake…I thought the instructions for the increase every 4th row for 12 rows required on one stitch increase per row, but actually it requires 2 per row of increae, one at the beginning and one at the end.

Thanks so Much!

Also, there are some posts concerning this specific pattern from over the past year. Just do a search using “bumble bee sweater” as your keywords. As a person who has knitted this sweater herself, I can say that everyone who has knitted it has had the same exact issues with the pattern. Doing the search and reading over the posts will really, really help. I’ve attached the row-by-row instructions and stitch counts for the size 2 sleeve cap. :wink:

Thanks so much Jackie. I really appreciate the step by step instructions you have forwarded to me. I will let you know how it goes later on in the week.


Ahhrg… another Bumble bee problem. I am having great difficulty following the pattern when finishing the left and right fronts. There is no adequate explanation of when to abandon the actual bumble bee pattern as it interferes with the bind off. I have had to guess and make it up as I go along and pull it out many times. Jacki do you by any chnace have row by row instructions for the lefta dn right fronts. Sorry to be such a nuisance but not being an experienced knitter, I have to be very literal when following a pattern.


Unfortunately, I don’t have written out instructions for the fronts.:oops: The easiest way to explain it (or so I hope :smiley: ):

Before continuing… Note: It takes 5 sts to make a butterfly. The actual butterfly stitch is K2tog, yo, K1, yo, SKP.

If the number of BO sts at the beginning of the row cuts into the 5 sts where you’d start the first butterfly, just don’t do a butterfly there. Skip it and do knit sts instead. How specifically? Skip the butterfly and knit however many sts remain of what would’ve been the butterfly. Then finish the pattern by doing the K5. This will get you to the place where you can start the next butterfly and begin the pattern again. When I knit this sweater, I got caught up in counting the sts at the edge to try and figure out the pattern. But in the end, I found that it was much easier to just look at the butterflies from previous rows to know when to start the first butterfly. Other than the butterfly sts, all you’re doing is stockinette st. Also, the butterflies alternate. In figuring out how to align mine, I looked below to previous butterflies and used the 5 in-between knit sts (the ones between butterflies) as a reference point.

I noticed on the pattern picture, Amy fit in one butterfly at the top of each of the fronts. I’ve attached a picture of my bumble bee sweater so you can see how I was able to follow the pattern on the smaller size. Technically, I might’ve been able to fit in another butterfly in at the tops of the fronts like Amy, but I chose not to.

Hope this information helps! :wink: