Bulky yarn--prevent curling in stockinette?

Hi all! I’m planning on making a scarf for my cousin’s girlfriend–knitting it on straight needles and then seaming it together to be an infinity scarf. I bought 3 skeins of Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn and I’ll be using size 13 needles. My question is–will the weight of the yarn prevent it from curling if I knit the scarf in stockinette, or should I just pick a different pattern?

Thanks everyone!!

I hate to say it, but no, I don’t think your yarn choice it will stop the curling. Curling up is what stockinette does. I have a wrap that I have to frog. My garter stitch edging didn’t stop the curling.

You can knit the first and last 4 sts or so in garter, that will help keep it from curling too much. The large needles also help, but many not prevent all rolling. You could do it all in a basketweave stitch - k6 p6 for 6 rows, then switch to p6 k6 for 6 rows. That looks really nice in Homespun and should lie a lot flatter, and it’s reversible anyway.

Yep, curling is the nature of the beast. Even with garter it sometimes folds over on the border of the two stitches. I find 6 on the edge does a better job. Probably personal preference.

You can also do another non-curling edge like seed stitch.

K2 P2 ribbing would also be a good choice for a non-curling scarf. With yarn that thick, you could just cast on 8 or 10 sts and do K2 P2 ribbing and be done in no time!!!


That or seed stitch would be a good choice. I like these two because they’re reversible. They look good on both sides when the wind flips the scarf over. Rib stitch is thick and is good for men’s scarves. They don’t like things that are too girly.