Bulky Yarn Hat Pattern

Ok so I made my mom a hooded scarf with some of the Thick & Jiffy Yarn…

I hated it… so I’m frogging it and starting over. She wears hearing aids and needs something to keep the wind off her ears. Anyone know of a hat pattern for a bulky yarn? I’ve looked and either I’m missing it… or it’s just not there :shrug:

Suggestions? :pout:

Lion has this oneon their site (you will have to sign in to see it)

A lot of people swear by this one too. I have never made it so I have no idea what the outcome looks like but it seems to allow you to use any yarn and any head size to come up with your pattern.

Brilliant!!! Thanks so much!

I’ll do up the thick yarn I hve in the beginner pattern but I love love that formula page… I have been looking for something like that!!