Bulky yarn brand recommendations?

I’ve been using Lion brand’s homespun chunky/bulky yarn. I thought it was nice at first, but it’s so hard to seam things together. I can knit with it easily, but it’s so lofty! I can barely see my stitches so it’s hard to use the mattress seam. Do any of you know of any good chunky/bulky yarn brands that aren’t so fuzzy?

I made a sweater with James C. Brett Marble Chunky and I liked it a lot.

Here’s a link to the sweater FO.

ETA: I moved the post here because the How-to Forum is only for questions relating to how tos on patterns.

I haven’t used mine yet… but Malabrigo just came out with a new bulky yarn called Twist - I’m ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with it. (I won’t get into what a Mal addict I am… because I’d feel like a pusher lol)

I’ve also used the Nashua Handknits Bulky in the past and really liked it… but it’s a bit fuzzy and tends to split if you’re not careful while knitting.

If you are looking for something in a plain colour and is affordable…Bernat Roving is nice…

Thanks everyone!