Bulky Weight Yarn

Hi Everyone! My first posting… I just purchased a one skein book and would like to try the baby sweater. The pattern calls for Kangaroo Dyer Dover yarn which is apparently wool and very chunky. I have been searching the internet for a chunky baby yarn, but really have found only wool. Is anyone aware of a chunky baby yarn in baby girl colors appropriate for a newborn - 6 months?

Or, could someone help me with adjusting the number of stitches so that I could use a double-stranded worsted weight yarn? The pattern calls for 12 stitches in 4 inches. If I use a double stranded worsted weight (16 stitches per 4 inchest), how do I adjust the number of stitches so that I can use the worsted weight yarn? My pattern is to go to my favorite knit shop and let them help me, but I am really trying to figure this one out myself.



www.yarndex.com is a good site to search for yarns that match your needs.

The only sure way to see if your double strand will work is to knit a swatch with it. Just cast on a little over 4 inches worth of stitches and knit until it’s a few inches long. Then measure how many stitches are in your 4 inches. If you have too many, go up a needle size. Too few, go down.

I just thought of Plymouth Encore–I believe they have a bulky yarn, machine washable and lots of colors, too.

Thanks, Ingrid…