Bulky to Worsted

My pattern calls for Bulky yarn. I liked the way it came out using Bulky, but have a lot of worsted in my stash and want to make one a bit lighter and not using double strands.

How do I go about changing the pattern so I can make it with worsted?? This is only my second sweater.

Any help,any one?

Knit it in a larger size. Figure out how many sts/inch you get with the needles you’ll use (and you can nicely use size 10s with worsted) then multiply that times how many inches around you need at the largest part. That will give you the number of stitches you need there. Find the pattern size that’s closest to that number of stitches (front and back combined) and follow that size. You may have to adjust for length, but that’s easy enough.

I also found this somewhere that I saved as an example. I have not tried it yet.

The original gauge : 5.5 sts per inch
my gauge : 4 sts per inch

using the magical gauge machine, 4 divided by 5.5 = 0.72

so - my cast on is 136 x 0.72. I put this into the calculator, and I get 97.92

Or 98 sts, That’s right but the more difficult way to go about it… I presume you want your piece to measure 24½" wide? That’s what your 98 sts will come out to.

I just posted it as an example that I found on craftster, these are not my calculations.