Bulky Sugar & Cream Cotton?

[SIZE=“5”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“Blue”]Do any of you know where I can find [B]BULKY[/B] Sugar & Cream Cotton? I didn’t even know there was such a thing. My Mom has the Knifty Knitter and could use that to make dishcloths!
Thanks In Advance,
Merry [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

I found this one: http://www.elmore-pisgah.com/store-pc-dbl.htm
It’s Peaches and Creme though

Ooooh! Look at all those colors! I used to see the natural one in Michael’s but that was a long time ago.

Thanks for the link.

ooooOOOooo I wonder if you could get it at a Joannes or Craft Warehouse or Micheals type store. Yummy colors mmmmmmm

I think the peaches and cream double worsted is only available through the website.


Their customer service were very nice and answered me promptly - they even ship worldwide, so i’m planning to expand my cotton stash there later this year. And you get the cones for 6.64$. For me it sounds rather cheap. How is it for you in the States?

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“5”][COLOR=“Indigo”]Thanks for the link! Will have to check it out! I’ve never seen the double worsted weight at Michael’s or Joanne’s…might have to order a couple small ones to see if I like them, before I order the double!
Thanks again,
Merry [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I don’t know exactly what you mean by “bulky” but…
I have bought cream/ white colored cones at hobbylobby. You can also go to cotton clouds.com and they Have OOOODLES of colors for SnC. Also at MY hobby lobby they have yarn kits that have a pattern book/ 3 HUGE skeins of yarn ( 16 oz each) in a 3 pak clear plastic bag that are usually 20$ but I use my 40% of coupon and usually get them for 12$ which is a great deal… they come in solid colors and varigates . I:heart::heart: them for dishcloths…they are worsted weight yarn~!
Hope this helps~!

I bought several cones of VERY bulky cotton yarn through Camilla Valley Farms to make a bathmat and was VERY happy… they have a great range of colors, too!

The bulky stuff is also called double worsted because it’s the same as using two strands of the standard cotton you get on the cones at hobby lobby or in the kits. I saw those kits but didn’t care much for the color combos and figured it out and even at $12, they’re not much less than buying that many balls individually.


I still love 'em though~!:happydance::rofling:

Oh yes, it’s a great idea, I just haven’t found the colors I just had to have, or I probably would have got one. :wink: