Bulky Scarf all Knit???

I made a bulky scarf all knit every row. Should i put a edging on the side or leave it the way it is???

Welcome to KH. A garter stitch scarf can be lovely as is. Adding a border is a matter of choice. Are you looking for ideas?

I agree with Grumpy Gramma - it’s entirely your preference. Garter stitch scarves wouldn’t usually need a border, per se (stocking stitch and some other stitch pattern scarves do, to help tame the curling), but a nice border can add interest! So, really it depends on what you want the final scarf to look like in this case.

Thank you so much for a reply. I had a hard time signing in. I will leave the scarf as is. I am sure my neice will enjoy it as the colors are beautiful.

It’s made with love. That’s all that counts. I made a jumper for my husband a while ago that I look at now and think I could do it so much better now but he loves it because I made it.


I’m an edger…so, playing with some ideas.

1: Fringe. A quadruple knot fringe would be probably too long but, it is lovely on the right item.
* Triple knot
* Double knot
* Single knot
…I really like many knot fringes on shawls. Three knots may be plenty. They will lengthen your item.
* Tassels are nice.
…Google around for edging ideas, perhaps.

  1. Picot knit edge…on the long side of the scarf…or all four sides. (Can be knitted or crocheted.)

  2. Crochet wave border stitch.
    I’ve knitted for 50 years and crocheted for 46 years…I’d grab a hook and edge anything. Yes. There
    are a mountain of edge stitches out there, knit and crochet. Take your time choosing one. I wonder if
    you’re a beginner.
    My fav: The wave stitch is one I’ve learned lately. It called for a double crochet,
    taking forever and using a slug of yarn. ((: I adapted it to a single crochet and eventually alternated DC
    and SC…which I really like.

    *****. A reverse single crochet gives a lovely looking ‘corded looking’ edge…working from left to right
    versus right to left…had me head scratching at first; LOL!

So, if you’re a beginner, tassels would be quicker and use less yarn. Tassels and fringe can be mixed color wise if you’re short on yarn. Many knots on the fringe require a lot of yarn.

Good luck and be safe. DRM