Bulky Alpaca Hat, Scarf & Armwarmer Set

Yay! Alert the media! I finally finished something!

I made the hat back when I was in the mountains last Fall. And I really wanted a scarf to go with it to make the set complete.

The yarn came from a “Nicky Knits” kit I bought in the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby. Originally, the kit cost about 50 dollars, but I got it on sale for about 12. :wink:

Lots of bulky ALPACA yarn was inside the kit. Way cool! cloud9

So, here is the set I made. So soft and warm. Love it! :heart:

Looks wonderful!!! I love the color of pink that you used too…

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Now, I’m making a couple wristwarmers with the same yarn. I’m also thinking of making ankle warmers as well.

Looks very warm and comfy!

You’re always doing charity KAL’s, what do you mean that you finally finished something?:teehee: :mrgreen:

I know what you mean about ‘finally making something for yourself’… I noticed when I was putting photos in ravelry… that almost everything that I had made last year was knitted for others… (and I didn’t even take photos of everything that I knitted)

My goal this year… ‘make more items’ for myself. HOWEVER, I have already knitted a few things (for others) since 2008 … oh, yes, I do remember one item that I knitted for myself- a small knitted Christmas ornament. :aww: At least… it’s a start!

I am going to try to do better… and I am currently working on a simple scarf for myself.

I think it will look great to have all sorts of winter gear out of the same yarn… that way, you can wear as much as you need/want.

:thumbsup: Great job!! I love the pink…

Looks nice and WARM!! Good job!

it looks so warm and comfy!


good idea today!! brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr:waving:

Beautiful! Love the color and I know they are SO SOFT!

Looks great and such a bargain. Very pretty color.

Yeah, Shandeh! :cheering:

They look so warm!!!

They look great! Don’t you love alpaca? I have a “thing” for it too. Just so soft and wonderful. I love that colour too.

Thank you all so much! :muah:

Most of my charity knitting has been just knitting a PORTION of something, so it doesn’t feel like I ever finish anything. I’ve started 7 Oddball Blankets, 2 Oddball Lapghans, 2 Oddball Shawls, and 12 Oddball Baby Blankets. They are all sent off to be completed by other knitters. So, it kinda feels like sending my children out into the world. :teehee:

Exactly! :thumbsup:

Alpaca is a little bit of heaven. cloud9

Looks warm and snuggly!

Wow, what a great set-they look so yummy and soooft! and great deal, too!

Looks so soft and warm!

Thank you all! :muah:

Last night, I finished a set of arm warmers to go with the set!

Pretty set!

I love the yarn…color and soft sheen…as well as the simplicity of the patterns! Way to go Sandy! :thumbsup: