Bulkiest Yarn Ever?

[color=indigo]I am searching for seriously bulky yarns for a wall hanging project. I found Cascade’s Magnum, which is OK, but I need more, lots more.

I want to believe that somewhere out there, waiting, coiled in gigantic skeins are unknown, amazing mega-bulky yarns.

Please post any suggestions.

[size=6]What’s the bulkiest yarn you’ve ever seen?[/size]
Lando (laying in wait with his new US 50 32" circular needles)

maybe you could triple-strand a super-bulky yarn like Wool-Ease Thick and Quick? :shrug:

I will be using 2, 3, and 4 strands but I still need MEGA-bulky yarns.


Katia Nordic is a super bulky…guessing that isn’t the biggest bulky but it is what came to mind right away.

you could always look for a roving too.

Here’s some mega chunkyEncore too.

[color=indigo]Thank you both. The Katia Nordic is very nice, and I just ordered some of the Encore from the eBay Store.

MORE. MORE. I NEED MORE! :passedout:

Well, I saw Lion Brand BIG once in a store.


Lion Brand Craft/Rug Yarn

Sz 6~ superbulky… I bought it at HL


Ummm… we don’t have them over here, but from the places you guys mention, i’m guessing its hobby lobby?

I’ve used the LionBrand Big before. it’s massive. I made a pretty dense scarf with size 19 needles. and it looks like the thickest so far.

LB big: 170g for 44 yards = [color=blue]3.8 grams/yard[/color]
cascade magnum: 250 g 123 yards = [color=blue]2.03 grams/yard[/color]
katia nordic: 100g 55 yards = [color=blue]1.8 grams/yard[/color]
encore mega chunky: 100g 64 yards = [color=blue]1.5 grams/yard[/color]


Lando, you can knit with spinning roving or sliver… just a thought!

do tell us more about this wall hanging!

Lando, you could buy some heavy duty nautical ropes or something like that :teehee:

that’s what i was going to say. go straight to the roving. using a lot of bulky yarn will be super expensive, though. i’m also now curious about this wall hanging.

Sirdar Bigga is 6 stitches/4 in. http://www.yarnmarket.com/yarn/Sirdar_Yarn-Bigga_Yarn-1063.html

Rowan Biggy Print is also 6 st/4 inches.

[color=indigo]Thanks for all the suggestions. I have used rope and twine in wall hangings before with some satisfaction. Problem is that these are rather difficult to control (due to stiffness) with needles; ended up doing a buncha knitting with just my hands. Rope that I know >0.5 in (12-15mm) in diameter are all too stiff to knit well.

The Magnum yarn is the largest knitting yarn I have seen, and I plan on using it. But, I would like some different textures, so I’m looking for others. Running multiple strands can achieve a desired thickness but with a characteristic texture, one which renders many stitch patterns invisible - visually too busy.

Why am I not drawn to the world of the small? :teehee: [/color]

It’s a boy thing :teehee: