Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan knitters!

My DH and I got into a discussion about this tonight, since most of my needles are metal (though I do have some bamboo dpns):

Would a bamboo knitting needle kill a vampire? Discuss. :teehee:

i’d say yes. :happydance:

willow was able to kill a vampire with a pencil, among other things. i think as long as the object is wood and sharp enough to pierce the skin then it’s all good.

… that would make an awesome slayer. an avid knitter who uses her wooden needles as weapons. … and then maybe use a thin metal wire for circulars so it can double as a sort of cheese slicer to decapitate vampires. … too far?

i would say most definately… :teehee: Do you have a vampire problem in your neck of the woods?

Sand down the tip a little so its really sharp would be my advise.

They’re smaller than the giant Speed Stix Buffy carried around so I guess she would have been able to carry more of them and get more Vamps in one night, she often lost her stixs in battle.

I can’t see buffy as an actual knitter though :teehee:

[color=indigo]Mr. Pointy has to be made of wood. Pencils are made of wood. Wikpedia says that bamboo is a grass. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bamboo
So, I guess the answer is she who uses a bamboo DPN to kill Spike looses. ahhhhh, maybe not… :teehee: [/color]

I’d still fight Spike… even if I lost :blush:

Well, Buffy fought Spike in Smashed, and I guess you could say she won. :teehee: Well, I would have considered that a win.

Well, as it has been said, bamboo is actually a grass. But in Jossverse not everything makes sense so why not? A knitting slayer would be awsome :smiley:

Perhaps rosewood needles would be a better option?

Well, bamboo has a woody stem. Wikipedia says it is only missing two things that trees have–the thing that makes trees grow fatter, and the things that make them grow taller.

Maybe bamboo has enough “tree essence” that it would work. :teehee:

Not sure I’d want to risk it, rosewood would be the way to go. :thumbsup: