Looking down the road to a sweater for my hubby. He loves Buffalo and I would like to find a patter for a small buffalo to be knit into basic sweater. I am hoping to find something about 2"x2 1/4" . If you have any ideas they will be appreciated!:inlove:

I know there is a site where you can change a photo into a chart…anyone know this? You SO have to use buffalo wool for the sweater! Cool!

What I’ve been doing for charts that I can’t find on the web is this.

Print out some knitter’s graph paper http://sweaterscapes.com/lcharts3.htm .

Then find a illustration or clip art of a buffalo and print it on the graph paper. It works really well.

This site will do it for you, but it doesn’t always turn out clear. It’s worth a shot, though.