My BIL has a buffalo on his ranch and said its shedding buckets of fur. I’ve seen the ads for buffalo yarn on this website. I think its called Buffalo Gold.

My questions is: Would it be worth it to collect the wool or fur from the buffalo and have someone spin it? Would anyone here be interested in spinning it?

i don’t spin (if i did, i would definitely be up to the challenge), but i would love to see the end results as well as in-between pics. :happydancing:
i’ve seen yarn spun from dog hair, but never buffalo.

that would be so cool to spin!
i just started spinning (today on a cd spindle)… if i was better, i would jump on the chance, but i don’t think i would do it justice, unless you want chunky buffalo yarn!:shifty:

If you don’t want it, I DO!

Buffalo fiber is really nice stuff. Quivit, which is one of the most luxurious and softest fibers of all (nicer than cashmere), comes from a musk ox which is related to the American buffalo. The fur from the underbelly is softer, lighter and warmer than cashmere.

Yeah, you should take it and either spin it yourself or send it off to be spun. There’s a reason that company calls themselves Buffalo GOLD. :wink:

That is so cool! I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

Ohh color me jealous! I personally have never spun Buffalo but it is supposed to be very nice :cheering:

Thanks for the input! I’ll have him collect it and then hopefully I can send it to whoever is interested.

Man, if you’re sending it to the general interested public, totally count me in… I would LOVE to try out buffalo fiber. (I now have an uncontrollable urge to go spin something, and I didn’t bring my spindle or my wool box with me this summer… grrrr…) Anyway, keep me posted please!!!

I would love to purchase some for you if you are going to sell it. I “herd” it is the best!!!



That’s awesome! I would love to pitch in some for a little bit. I’m still just a beginner, so I probably wouldn’t do it justice. I’d love to try a little though.:thud:Spinning buffalo oh wow! :passedout:

you are awesome! keep us up to date on how much yu get and cost too. i would love to try spinning buffalo…:drool:

I’ve touched it at the LYS, but never spun with it…it’s really soft. I’m not sure if it’s from just a particular part of the buffalo, though, like the underbelly. Let us know what you do with it!

I’m not an expert but I have seen a few buffalo in my day and one of the ladies at the LYS has some for spinning she had to send it away for cleaning to remove the hair ffrom the fur. But I would still do it if I were in a situation to have a chance to gather it. Just watch out for the buffalo I don’t think they like people to much.

:roflhard: Yeah, I don’t think they like people too much either!
I’ll let y’all know when I get the buffalo fur and how much I have. Hopefully, I will get it soon.

I’m a bit confused on whether or not you’re intending on selling it or having someone spin it for you.

Buffalo does contain alot of guard hair, and buffalo yarn and spinning fiber is mechanically dehaired. If spun as is, it’s going to be pretty scratchy, and dehairing it is a time intensive process which most spinners don’t have the tools for (unless they pick the guard hair out by hand, which makes it even more time intensive), so if you want it to be spun into yarn for you, I’d suggest looking for a mill that would dehair and spin it for you.

That said, if you’re selling the fiber, I’d definitely be interested in some to play with, and if you’re fixed on having someone spin it for you, I could spin up an ounce for a sample so I know how much work would be involved in dehairing and spinning, and you’d know whether you like the yarn.

I’m interested! I’d really like to play with some buffalo fiber. I would help you spin some or buy a small sample of it.

I actually got my dad to agree to buy me some Buffalo Gold yarn, but we couldn’t find any at the yarn store we went to (and it’s a really big one).