"Bubble" romper

Finally finished the romper for my granddaughter’s 1st birthday :+1:however, I need advice on attaching a snap tape strip for the crotch as the pattern called for buttons & buttonholes.

If it’s the kind of snap fasteners on a cloth ribbon, you could use sewing needle and thread to stitch the bands onto the knit fabric. It’ll decrease the stretch of the knit fabric but that shouldn’t be a problem

Thanks salmonmac! Yes, they are on cloth strip. I was just worried about the weight of them being too heavy and stretching out the crotch area

I would bet that you could stitch a slightly shorter piece in and it would be ok. Depending on the weight of the snaps and the yarn it should work. Plastic snaps might be lighter.

The romper is so adorable! Well done.

Thank you soooo much😁