Bubble Bag

A couple days ago, I started making a “Bubble Bag” for one of my students. I think it’s gonna be so cute! I’m using two different Cascade wools, and some leftover eyelash yarn. It should felt nicely!

Here’s the pattern: http://myeclecticmess.com/blog/felted-bubble-bag-pattern/

How cute is that??? Cant wait to see it finished!

Love it! Good find…

That is a beautiful little bag. Thanks for sharing. Another pattern in my to do list :teehee:

:hug: Sharon

Too cute! She is going to love it…you are a great teacher!

Aw shucks! You guys are so sweet. :muah:

How cute!

That really is cute!

I’ve gotten a little more done on the bag.

Very cute!!! I love the colors. :cheering:

Darling! I can’t wait to see it finished! :muah:

Its looking really beautiful I love the wool. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

Well Done :cheering:

:hug: Sharon

Thanks! :muah:

The green Cascade yarn was thicker than the blue, so I switched to using the yarn I dyed with egg dye. It’s the right color, and it’s working well. I just hope the color holds up to washing and felting! (I did use vinegar when I was dyeing, so it should.)

All that’s left now is the I-cord. (I HATE HATE HATE to do I-cord!)

It looks SO TALL! I hope it turns out right. We’ll know after it’s felted.

Its looking gorgeous :heart:

Well done :notworthy:

:hug: Sharon

Thanks Sharon! :heart:

I finished the bag, and it turned out so cute! I gave it to my piano student today, and she loved it! :heart:

Oh its so gorgeous. The little girl looks so pleased with it. As any little girl would. I think my neices would adore one.

Its a beautiful bag well done :cheering:

:hug: Sharon

That is such a cute bag and the student is adorable. That was really nice of you to do that for her. I might have to make one for my daughter for Christmas. She has been asking for a purse.

Thanks for all the kind compliments! It’s a fun pattern to make.

I changed it a little (of course). The pattern calls for threading a ribbon through the eyelets, and attaching the I-cord handles to the inside of the bag. I just made a separate I-cord, and ran it through the eyelet holes instead.